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We are MIELE


Miele is a Boston-based rock band that pulls from a diverse drawing board of art rock, psychedelia, soul, grunge, alternative, metal, and funk influences. Formed in 2014, Miele captivates with soaring vocals from multi-faceted frontwoman Melissa Lee Nilles, arpeggiated keyboard melodies, solid and complex drum rhythms, and startling switches between mystical melodies and grungy/funky/heavy rock.

The band emerged out of mutual interests and employment in therapy and music. Miele focuses on examination of the intricacies of the human condition by responding through multi-layered rock compositions. The name "Miele", meaning "honey" in Italian, was chosen as a playful nod to singer Nilles' and guitarist Spilsbury's on-stage honey drinking antics, as well as a representation of the often mellifluous nature of Miele's music.

Miele independently released their first EP Seed Crystal in August 2016 to local acclaim. In June 2018 Miele released their debut LP Transience, of which Al Gentile of The Boston Hassle wrote in praise, "To say Transience is a great album is an understatement—upon first listen, it’s easy to understand that this release could be a turning point not only for Miele, but a call to local music everywhere to get risky, develop a deeper understanding of the listener and, in the end, truly explore the complexities of being human."  

The words of Miele reflect on the human condition; they celebrate the emotions, spirit, and wisdom that lives and breathes in all of us, as well as the rage, the desire, and the chaos that erupts out of us when we cannot give it a voice. 

Vocals, Keyboard / Melissa Lee Nilles
Guitar, Harmonica, Theremin / Joseph Spilsbury
Bass, Backing Vocals / Cedric Lamour
Drums, Percussion / Jeff Edwards