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Miele is a Boston-based alternative rock band that pulls from a diverse drawing board of art rock, psychedelia, soul, grunge, metal, and funk influences. Miele straddles the line between alt rock and art rock, with dark, soulful female vocals from singer Melissa Nilles oft compared to Grace Slick or Sophie Hunger, and startling switches between mystical melodies and grungy/funky/tear-your-face-off rock. 

The band was forged in Cambridge in 2014, emerging out of mutual interests and employment in therapy and music. The name "Miele", meaning "honey" in Italian, was chosen as a playful nod to singer Nilles' and guitarist Spilsbury's on-stage honey drinking antics, as well as a representation of the often mellifluous nature of Miele's music. The words of Miele reflect on the human condition; they celebrate the emotions, spirit, and wisdom that lives and breathes in all of us, as well as the misunderstood rage, the desire, and the chaos that erupts out of us when we cannot give it a voice.



Miele- Secret Dream

WEMF & MusicIDB Present:  Miele (CD Release) w/ Narrow Waves / elsewhere / Fire For Cavemen / The Great Madness / The Angry Tides + Daniel @ Middle East Downstairs


Miele hopes to inspire or propel a change in the thoughts and feelings of the listener... “Anxious Ghost,” then, is music therapy for the mind and soul, sneaking up on the unsuspecting listener but ending on a note that stays sweet as honey.
— Sahar Roodechi, Sound Of Boston
“The lyrical content ponders the evolution and form of emotion, inspiring the psych/funk sound surrounding it all.”
— Lauren Moquin, Allston Pudding
“...Nilles’ lyrics reveal another kind of anxiety – the kind comfortable enough to butter your toast before swallowing your soul... [They are] fast and slow at the same time, dark but hopeful, resonant but something of a riddle.”
— Marc Levy, Cambridge Day
Headliners Miele are celebrating the release of their new EP Seed Crystal and I especially like their opener “Hold It Together” and “Walking Away” from their latest disc. When they cover Radiohead’s “High and Dry” the place goes wild... Their alt/ rock/ psychedelic/ funky blues sound is catchy and rock solid. Before the gig Melissa tells me that Miele is the Italian word for honey, and tonight’s show sure is sweet.”
— T Max, The Noise (Boston)
Miele’s epic musical composition and Nilles’ vocal prowess is a match for any music fan looking for an edgier, melodic and well orchestrated experience.”
— Jesse Kurn, Music Therapist

Prior venues played

The Plough and Stars- 2018
The Cantab Lounge (Club Bohemia)- 2018
Once Lounge (Somerville)- 2018
The Hard Rock Cafe- 2017
EMF Fest @ Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery- 2017
Rock Benefit Concert for The Arts @ Aeronaut Brewing Company- 2017
McGann's- 2017
Somerville Porchfest- 2015, 2016, 2017
Roslindale Porchfest- 2017
Midway Cafe- 2016, 2017
The Middle East Downstairs- 2016 (Miele CD release show)
Duck Village Stage @ Aeronaut Brewing Company- 2016
Park Sounds Festival (Harvard Square)- 2016
JP Porchfest- 2016
Main Stage @ Aeronaut Brewing Company- 2016
First Church Somerville UCC- 2016
The Middle East Downstairs- 2015
Map Room @ The Bowery Electric (NYC)- 2015
Oktoberfest @ John Harvard's Brewery- 2015
The Musical Mystery Bike Tour (Deer Island)- 2015
PA's Lounge- 2014, 2016, 2017
Sally O'Briens- 2015, 2017
TT The Bear's Place- 2015
Hennessey's Hooley Lounge- 2016, 2017
O'Briens- 2014, 2016
Copperfield's- 2014, 2015
The Lizard Lounge- 2014
(and many, many house/rooftop shows in Boston, Allston, Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, and Brooklyn)


Regular airplay on WEMF radio- ongoing since September 2015
Live on The Underbelly on WEMF Radio- September 2017
Nadeau Media's "Crowdfunding Cast" Podcast- September 2017
Don't Forget To Rock- TV Program on Somerville Community Arts Television- September 2017
Deeavataproject's "It's My Turn to Talk" Podcast- June 2017
Live Stream @ Hard Rock Cafe on WEMF Radio- June 2017
Live on the Underbelly on WEMF Radio- June 2017
Live Stream @ PA's Lounge on WEMF Radio- May 2017
Interview and performance on WEMF Radio- August 2016
SCATV and Aeronaut Brewery Present- Duck Village Stage Sessions (TV Program)- August 2016
Bay State Rock- WAAF airplay- August 2015
Live with Nash on WEMF Radio- July 2015


Melissa Nilles
139 Elm St Somerville, MA 02144